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1. Always enroll in any and all rewards programs. For example, we love Las Vegas. We are Red Card holders @WynnLasVegas and get great room deals ($109) and free food and we all know how much Brad loves free food! We are also @MLifeRewards members and recently got 3 nights free @BellagioLas Vegas (we promise we are not really big gamblers). Sign up, enjoy the rewards and come to Vegas with us. Vacation Brad and Vacation Karen are so much fun.

2. Brad loves to pack but we have had some issues a long the way... Here are some packing tips we now adhere to:

a. Share luggage. After learning the hard way (lost luggage) we realized if we don't have separate luggage then when we lose a bag we both have items in the bags we do get in baggage claim.

b. I put my "personal" items in a ziploc bag. Once we went to Vegas and when we got our bags they were soaken wet. When we got to the hotel my unmentionables were dry, Brad's were very wet. I don't know why I did that, Brad thinks I told them to throw in a puddle. I did not but interesting...

c. Count your bags in the house then again in the car and then again at the airport. We got to Dallas one time and we left the boys clothes at home. They got all new clothes. Would have thought it would have stuck in our brain but not. Happened 2 more times. Argh!!

d. Make sure everyone is wearing shoes. Sounds ridiculous. But one time got to Disney and Drew was not wearing shoes.

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