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Most Empty Nesters love to travel and view the empty nest as the beginning of their travel adventures. Brad and I take a "holiday" (see blog July 26, 2018: Empty Nesters go on a Holiday) for lots of reasons. We love to visit family, go to places in my travel folder (I have folder for everything) and we "must" go to every Starbucks possible, more on that later.

We love to fly Southwest. They are a great airline that go to many spots we love to visit (Dallas). But boarding for some on Southwest can be a real hassle (not us). If you pay an extra $20 (used to be $15) you are guaranteed boarding first (A group). When you travel with a group (and you obviously want to sit together) this can be a costly addition to your plane ticket. Brad and I though figured out a way to sit together without paying and additional $50. Only one (usually Brad) pays the extra fee, boards with the "A" group and then he saves me a seat (hopefully). Not sure what he tells other travelers ........ but it works.

Southwest boarding pass, empty nesters finally

Another one of our (Brad's) special tips is on picking a good location for a hotel. One of Brad's favorite way to pick a hotel is to make sure there is a Starbucks within walking distance. This is so important to Brad. He feels so good when we see a Starbucks. This has never failed us (even if we travel outside the United States).

Starbucks, empty nesters, New York city

Traveling with my favorite empty nester is the best even if I spend every day in a Starbucks!!

Happy Empty Nesting!

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