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I know I have been MIA for awhile and I have no excuse but let me try and explain. Brad and I have been on a holiday (more on that later) and it has taken me awhile to get motivated (who would have thought??) to write a blog, post on Facebook, or even send a pic to Instagram.

It was Brad's birthday and since next year he will be 60, I decided to celebrate big this year and start his special year off right, so I planned a holiday (we did not go to London by the way.) Lane, Sara, and Drew joined us as a surprise for Brad. I could not blog about it before we went for that reason

Full disclosure. I am a great secret keeper. Ask my friends and family (guess that would defeat purpose though). But not a great surprise keeper (there is a difference.) I love to give presents the second I get them (even if the occasion is not for 6 months). This is definitely one of my major character flaws (now you know I have one and maybe more ???)

I digress as I normally do. Back to #holidaynotvacaton. I decided not to use the word vacation because of an article I read by Dan Ariely. He explained that we should not use the term vacation because even though we are "vacating' our lives for awhile, what we are really doing is visiting someplace new and different. Most of us go back home so that is why I agree that the term "holiday" is more appropriate.

Come with me on #holidaynotvacation. I know it's a mental thing but just to say holiday makes everything seem more special. Brad agrees but Brad is currently in husband debt so he will agree with me on everything.

If you have gone on a holiday share your pictures with me on my blog. And I hope you packed "vacation clothes" in your carry on. :)

Happy Empty Nesting!

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