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Cruising is a fantastic way to travel, for some people. Just not me (empty nester Karen.) Even though I just came back from a 12 day cruise, I still am not a fan. When you are all done snickering at me, I will explain:

10. I "happily" consented to our vacation being a cruise this year since Brad has a big birthday ( July 13). He really wanted (or to torture me??) to take a cruise so I decided I would be #CruisingForBrad.

9. Even though I am not a fan of cruising, we are getting older and in my mind (crazy as it is) I thought that people of a certain age should love to cruise. I do know all ages love to cruise- just not me. But since I was #CrusingForBrad, I was going to give it a go.

8. You only have to unpack and pack once. Once and Done. As appealing as that sounds, Brad does the packing so this doesn't really affect me, but I was doing this for Brad... #CruisingForBrad

empty nesters finally, brad packing, #Bradthepacker

7. On a cruise you get to see a lot of cities in a short amount of time. Supposedly, you get a taste for so many different countries. From this "tasting" you can decide what cities you want to revisit. Unfortunately, in my very informal survey of my friends that love to cruise (there are many) this usually doesn't happen but I was #CruisingForBrad.

6. While on the cruise you never need cash. Everything is free like when I use my Starbucks app. No money is exchanged. I never have to go in my wallet. So it's free. Now I know that is not true, but since I have not given any cash or a credit card, in Karen's world, it is free especially cause I am #CrusingforBrad.

5. Food was everywhere on the cruise. I never ever got hangry. Brad was super happy and this was probably the main reason he wanted to cruise.

empty nesters finally, Brad eating, cruise

4. Melt Downs (which are inevitable for Empty Nester Karen) were few and far between. Between being very busy and never going hungry what would I have a melt down about? *

3. Your room gets cleaned everyday. I make my bed everyday at home, well most days. But on a cruise, you go to breakfast, come back and your bed is made. That's a definite plus for #CruisingforBrad

2. There is casino on the cruise. Brad loves to gamble and since he never had to show cash, he never lost. Win all the way around until the final bill for the cruise. LOL

1. As an empty nester who loves her fellow empty nester I took a deep breath and about 3 dozen dramamine and went #CruisingForBrad.

empty nesters finally, Stockholm, happy

Take Away: When you are doing something for your plus one, do it with grace, humility and don't ever say he owes you one. That's my advice.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

** I have to admit I did have more than 1 melt down but truth be told only one was on the ship and I didn't even try to jump off, probably cause Brad hid my life jacket - LOL?

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