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About Karen & Brad Hacker Empty Nesters Finally

Karen and Brad Hacker Empty Nesters Finally

 I can't believe that Brad and I are Empty Nesters Finally but here we are enjoying having cereal for breakfast and watching 1 hour TV show all the way through in one sitting. Who would have thought?

I worked in Human Resources in another life (prior to having Lane) then I worked part-time in a law firm until Drew went to college.  Now, I am helping Brad (he is an accountant) and blogging about empty nesting. Truth be told, I would like to blog more and account less- so let's see how this goes.

 We live in South Florida and love it here. I grew up here and Brad in Texas and we met in Atlanta.  We love to travel and are always on the hunt to finding ways to make our lives easier.  I will be sharing all my tips and hacks and so much more. Brad finds me entertaining (at least that's what he tells me.)

I hope you all do too. Happy Empty Nesting!!

Karen and Brad
Welcome to the Empty Nesters Finally
Welcome to Empty Nesters Finally
Karen and Brade Hacker Empty Nesters Finally
The Haker Family at Gator Game
Empty Nesters Karen and Brad Hacker
Empty Nest Parents
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