In no particular order -Why we love being Empty Nesters Finally.....

#1 We loved parenting Lane and Drew. Those parenting years were truly incredible and better than we could have ever anticipated. We would never ever change anything but they grew up and moved out of the house which forced us to grow up too and become Empty Nesters Finally!

Empty Nesters Finally Kids Through the Years

#2 Once Lane and Drew moved out we were able to redecorate their rooms. Lane's room is now our exercise room and Drew's room has become my office.

Empty Nester Brad on the Peleton

#3: We have control over ALL televisions and every single show taped is ours.

#4: We can make noise before noon on the weekends. I get to juice at 8 a.m.!

#5: We can still embarrass our kids even though they do not live here.

Empty Nesters Finally as The Flash and Mrs. Flash

#6: Our vacation is not tied to the school calendar. Halloween in Vegas. We used to think vacations were only in June, July or August. Who knew?

#7: When we travel we do not have to worry about trading carpool days or babysitters or anything else. We are Empty Nesters Finally!

#8: The time we spend with Lane Sarah and Drew means so much. We treasure our time as a family as we never could have imagined.


#9: I get to blog about my incredible life with Brad. Nothing more needs to be said.

Empty Nesters Finally Love Goat Yoga

#10: Sometimes Brad and I eat ice cream for dinner. Nothing else. That's it. And if we decide we are not hungry then Karen's Kitchen does not open.

We are truly humbled by the people they have become and how they lead their lives. And sometimes Brad and I might shed a tear to know that we might have had just a little something to do with the adults they have become.

Happy Empty Nesting!

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*DISCLAIMER 1: This is a previously published post. But since ENF has been in #quarantine this has taken on whole new meaning and I have taken poetic license and updated with new pictures and comments.

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