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When Empty Nesters Finally got an Amazon Alexa a couple years ago, we mostly used it to play music and occasionally call up a recipe.

At first, I thought Alexa liked Brad much more than me. She always did whatever Brad asked her too. Me, she questioned. We were not the best of friends. Brad said it was the tone of my voice??!!

I realized though, that in order to keep empty nesters finally technologically relevant we would have to become friends or at least tolerate each other. Guess what? She has become so much more to empty nesters finally than a stereo.

Let me explain:

Empty Nesters Finally in Quarantine has definitely learned to play/use

technology to our advantage. See all the ways we use Alexa to make our lives better and easier.

We set our bedroom Alexa as an alarm. We asked her to wake us to a different song every day at a designated time. This usually works quite well and we try to surprise each other with different songs.

Not only does Alexa wake us up she turns on our closet lights and hall lights for us.

Empty Nesters Finally is not getting too lazy we still use our Peleton another game changer.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

Stay safe and please wear your masks!

Amazon Alexa also works with Sonos. Win Win.

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