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As empty nesters finally, it is just Brad and I a lot of the time. It's a lot of Karen and Brad even for Karen and Brad. And on the weekend, it can be even more.

I am not complaining, just stating a fact. I am sure a lot of empty nesters will agree. I am convinced that is one of the reasons why so many holidays are geared to empty nesters.

When we were younger (not that long ago) and the weekend was approaching Brad and I would split up (figuratively not literally). The boys had lots of activities so we had divided to conquer. We would see each other Saturday morning and not again until Sunday night. I know I am exaggerating and I am truly not whining (although I am sure I did then) but that was our lives and we loved it.

As empty nesters, Brad and I have lots of time to reconnect. Do we really need any more time together?? How well do we have to know each other?

Family and friends are obviously the key to making the weekends more full. But there does come occasion when everyone has something to do but us. There are weekends where we do not make the cut for any party, dinner or even a trip to Target. We wonder had everyone got their dates mixed up and think it was tax season??

Then reality sets in and I realize that I better have lots of activities planned or Brad might get bored. It is like that one day during the whole year where there is no sports on TV and I needed to have entertainment planned for Lane, Drew, and Brad.

*A little secret, sometimes, I just threw in the towel and we went to Disney World. We went to Disney a lot.

Brad seems ok with no scheduled plans. I am not. He can nap each day and be super happy. Not me.

Unfortunately, for him when we have no family or friends plans he gets to do lots of stuff around house. Lucky him.

As Empty Nesters, we (I) should be more relaxed about our weekend plans or maybe we should just get a dog so there are three of us and Brad always has something to do or at least I do.

Brad and dogs, empty nesters finally

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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