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Fast answer is Yes but there is so much more to that answer for empty nesters finally. A timeline is best way to explain.

Easy Answer:

June 2008: Lane goes to college (University of Florida). Drew still at home. Miss Lane terribly but Drew keeps us very busy.

June 2012: Drew goes to college ( UF, too). Lane getting Masters so Brad and I have a trial run of empty nesting. We get a "C", if I am grading us (I obviously am).


May 2013: Lane graduates and moves back home (for 1 Year) so no more empty nesting for us. Whew. We weren't very good, Brad and I never really got the jest of the whole "empty nest" so we are so happy Lane moved back (especially me - just in time for football season.)

May 2014: Lane moves out and Drew still in college. We are empty nesters again. We do better this time, probably cause I start blogging which lets Brad's ears get a rest. We travel more and I join a Fantasy Football league. I thought if I became vested then I would enjoy it more (still waiting.)


May 2017: Drew graduates and moves back home for 9 months. So we weren't "empty nesters" in the real sense of the word but I still blogged.

I had so much to write about, I did not feel as though I was committing a fraud and blogging under false pretenses as I was accused.

February 2018:

It's almost been 4 months now and we are officially officially empty nesters. Going well but its only been 4 months. I guess that's why Brad is taking me on a vacation. He is ready to start this whole empty nesting thing for real and he wants me to go on this journey with him (who knew?)

Not so easy Answer:

Empty Nest Syndrome was very real for Brad and I. And even though we are fine now (once again it has only been 4 months), it definitely took us a while to adjust to just the 2 of us.

I started writing this blog so that I would not make Brad crazy (I am sure you have heard this before.) Brad probably (only an educated guess) had (has) his hands filled with my changes and ideas for home renovations and my new and different food choices (just to name a few.)

Empty Nesting definitely gets easier and I even admit we are having fun (don't tell Lane and Drew.) Empty Nest Syndrome really exists though and writing this blog has definitely made this transition easier for me and made my life better and hopefully yours too.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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