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This is a big, very big Empty Nesters Finally Find.

BUTCHERBOX is how I feed my fellow empty nester. ButcherBox is food delivery service that we have come to depend on heavily during #quarantine.

I (Karen) always places the order and I love to see Brad's surprised face when he opens the box. What a cheap thrill especially during our time #alonetogether

This is not just any food delivery service. ButcherBox is a meat delivery service that delivers grass fed beef, organic as well as free range chicken, heritage breed pork (including bacon) and wild salmon/cod right to my house. It comes on dry ice so you can put directly in your freezer and defrost when needed. No need to go to the store for great meat. All of the meat is free of antibiotics & hormones. Yahoo!! There are so many choices and different plans to choose from. You can get a classic box or choose your the content of your own box (what ENF does).

You get a maximum amount of items in your box but you can always have add-ons (at a discount price) which are sometimes different then your choices. The meat is delicious, in fact empty nesters finally has never had any @Butcherbox meat they did not love.

Butcherbox is an Empty Nesters Finally Find for many reasons. As someone that is cost conscious the cost of the meat is very competitive and sometimes much more cost effective (no money tree - lol.) The convenience of having it delivered to us at this time ranks up very high on the list but the taste of all the meat is the best. The combination of all those reasons make @Butcherbox worth every penny.

Happy Empty Nesting and enjoy!

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