For the last 9 months Karen has been doing a great job with the blog and I didn’t want to get it the way. But today is Mother’s Day and it’s my turn to write empty nesters finally blog and give Karen some time off. I also wanted to clarify some things.

My name is Brad (but you probably knew that) and I am the other half of empty nesters finally. First, I am not a stalker as previous blogs have suggested. I just wish to discuss things with Karen. But first I need to find her to discuss important items such as where’s the milk, where’s my shoes and who hid my keys. These are important things in the Empty Nest.

When we first became empty nesters I envisioned a life of freedom. No carpools or homework to worry about. No appointments to worry about and no wondering what the kids are doing. I thought I could sit around the house in my underwear, eat on the couch and do whatever and whenever I want. I WAS WRONG!!

As Karen has suggested I am busier now then ever. Now my life is spent learning how to cook healthy (therefore eating healthy), exercising more and spending more quality time with my wife. And as a bonus the last few months I have learned to become a food taster, sous chef, schedule planner and jack-of-all-trades, however master of none.

I have learned how to enjoy the family even more (if that was possible) and most importantly enjoying the extra time with Karen. I even learned how to make a tasty guacamole!

As an accountant the bottom line is always what I focus on. And the bottom line as a empty nester is that life is great and keeps getting better.

To my better half today, Happy Mothers Day and to all the other Empty Nesters Happy Mother’s Day to you.

HAPPY EMPTY NESTING (I was told I had to end with that)!

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