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#1 Yes, Life is hard but don't make it any more difficult than necessary. Make your life as easy as possible. Travel for good food and good friends but a dry cleaner, not so much. To make my life as streamlined as possible, if a store is not in my usual traffic pattern* I won't frequent it. One reason Amazon and I have become best buddies. Stress less the ENF way.

#2 Eat and drink well. Even though I love Fritos and wine and they are going to my desert Island ** with me, I know as I age (??!!), Fritos can not be a part of my daily diet. Special occasions yes,

but every Monday (and Tuesday), no. And as much as I love my wine, I have my limits. I become a Chatty Kathy when I drink a couple sips, so I (or Brad) have to watch myself or I expose hidden secrets. I am a one glass girl, hence why we got @Coravin. Brad is lucky I am a cheap date.

empty nesters finally, drinking wine and beer

#3 Choose your friends well. Sometimes friends come and go but if you choose well they will become the framework of your life. Family is important but friends will not let you jump off the mountain when family matters seem insurmountable. Don't ever take your friends for granted. Friends need to be nourished and not put on the side table. My friends are definitely invited to my desert island and I will share my Fritos.

# 4 Celebrate all milestones big and small. Celebrate your birthday for the whole month (i.e. 50 days of Brad and MOK) and if it is a big birthday take longer. Celebrate everything. I even had a glass of wine when I figured out how to use the TV remotes. Brad had 2 glasses. And don't forget to invite me to your party, I give great presents Brad got a ..... for his 60th . I have not had any wine today so I won't divulge (another blog.)

empty nesters finally, Brad's birthday, blowing out candles

Being an empty nester finally is cause for reflection. Brad and I are lucky cause we have friends and family we can depend on to lift us up when we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel or even the tunnel.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

*traffic pattern: Streets I usually take in my normal day leaving my house and coming home.

**Desert Island: If I am stranded on a desert island what would I bring....

Also if you want to know any secrets, take me to happy hour. :)

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