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While empty nesters finally is #stayinghome we(I) had a list of things that I wanted to check off. Never imagining I would still be #athome for 9 weeks. Actually, I did not think about the length at all. Surreal

Once again empty nesters finally wants to thank first responders and all essential workeres for all they have been doing so that my friends and family can stay home and #staysafe.

So here it goes. ENF Quarantine "To Do" :

1. Clean ALL our closets. It has not happened yet (we have cleaned one though.) Every time we (I) suggest that to do Brad says we should take a walk. By the way, I realize all was a lofty goal, but Brad always says if I don't go to bat I will never ever score a home run.

2. Clean Garage. I don't think that's ever going to happen. I am not even going to bat for that one. We now use part of the garage to clean our groceries after they get delivered. And we know how much groceries @emptynestersfinally gets on a weekly basis. For awhile I thought I might be going a little overboard then I saw that @RachelRay does same. So guess we will be doing this for awhile. We are cleaning things never thought we would be cleaning. Crazy.

I view cleaning the groceries as that I am complying with what experts say. Brad views cleaning the groceries as a way of getting out of cleaning the garage.

Empty Nester Brad cleaning groceries
Empty Nester Brad cleaning groceries

3. Wash my make up brushes (obviously does not apply to Brad.). Great idea. 8 weeks in and this has also not happened yet. Know it's important but rates a zero on the fun scale. I would rather just go buy new ones especially since only spending money on food but then again have barely worn make up (except if on Zoom call and then maybe not either.)

4. SUPER BUY. Speaking of makeup,. Before we went into #quarantine I read about this incredible mascara that was selling like alcohol during this quarantine. Its by Essence and called Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara. It's $4.99 on Amazon. That's right $4.99. It's cheaper and less caloric than the ice cream I just bought.

Try this mascara, I promise you you will no disappointed. No clumping and cruelty-free (if that's important to you - thought I would mention).

5. Watch "Ozark". Hate to admit this but We are 8 weeks #STAYATHOME and have not watched one episode of "Ozark". No spoilers please because we do plan on watching before Quarantine Week #10. Too much to do. lol

ENF accomplishments:

1. We have managed to keep in contact with family and friends through Zoom Happy Hours. So much fun seeing and talking to all and seeing how no one has cleaned their garage. LOL

2. Planted a vegetable garden. Radishes, Carrots and Beets will become staples in our diet very soon. Brad is hoping my instacart bill will be less. No guarantees.

Empty Nesters Finally Vegetable Garden

3. Swimming. Since we have been quarantined I have been in our pool more in the past 8 weeks then the past 19 years. Tremendous accomplishment. Maybe Brad will stop saying pool waste of money.


I am so happy, I can read and I have cup holders win win. You should get one too.

4. Brad and I are still #emptynestersfinally. When Brad and I took our vows many years ago it was never mentioned that one day we would be together 24/7. And even though I dreamed of spending lots of time together, I never thought it would be cause of a pandemic. I am lucky though for so many reasons. Too many to list.

Actually, everyone should pat themselves on the back if you still talking to all persons in your home.

Being an empty nesters finally during this time has a whole different sort of issues to deal with. Luckily, I have extra masks to use for multiple purposes.

Empty Nesters Finally Brad models his mask for #quarantine
#staysafe and wear masks

And that's one way we are getting through this quarantine.

Happy Empty Nesting and #staysafe everyone!!

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3 comentários

27 de mai. de 2020

Rhonda so good to hear from you. Hope you are all doing well. Sad to report we still have not watched Ozark.


Rhonda Laffey
16 de mai. de 2020

#5, definitely a MUST do! Ozark was phenomenal!


14 de mai. de 2020

All so true for us too! except for the garage. Pete needed something to do when he was home for 2 weeks. Ugg...

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