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Sock then Sock or Sock, Shoe then Sock, Shoe. How do you put on your socks and shoes? Which way do you hang the toilet paper roll when you hang it? Tea or espresso? Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream? The answer to these and much more pressing issues as this empty nesters finally blog unfolds.

As I have said before, Brad and I (maybe just me) thought that when Lane and Drew flew the coop we would spend inordinate amount of time searching for the meaning of life and other thought provoking conversations.

I was probably watching too much Hallmark movies. Obviously, I could not have been more wrong. Real life is not like the movies or so I have been told.

Brad and I seem to have less time now to discuss the so called "important" things because we are too busy trying to figure out If we want Italian or Mexican for dinner. LOL

Or one of the most important questions of empty nesters everywhere -Who has best coffee? Brad loves Starbucks, I mean loves Starbucks to the point that every Starbucks we visit he buys a mug from that city.

He also declares that if we see a Starbucks in the neighborhood we are in a good neighborhood and I can use the restroom. I am easy (when it comes to coffee) so any brew will do.

empty nesters finally drinking Blue Bottle coffee

Contrary to popular belief Brad and I disagree on a lot of things but if it is important to one of us than the other can usually be swayed. This important belief has gotten us through some truly rough times.

Now for a philosophical outlook (Brad is not a fan of this side of me but ....)

Life is filled with many choices on which road to take. Sometimes we make good decisions and sometimes we could have made a better choice. Most of the time we learn from our decisions and sometimes we repeat them but there is always another decision to make and this time you might choose chocolate chip ice cream.

Actually, you should always choose cookies and cream although Brad will tell you coffee ice cream is better. My advice get a double scoop and share!

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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