Updated: May 1, 2020

Being #alonetogether in the house has taught me so much about myself as an empty nester finally. Hoping some of you have been experiencing some life lessons too.

I can't speak for Brad (even though I have in the past.) LOL I figure he must have learned some things too. Not sure. He has chosen not to share.

1. Quarantine Work Brad is not much different than regular Work Brad.


He still does not want to discuss some of my most pressing questions when he is "working" from home. Even though he is physically home he is not Husband Brad til 6:00.

Apparently, I should be able to differentiate the two. He looks the same to me. You?

We (I) are obviously working on this one. Anyone else have this issue??

Keep you updated.

2. Amazon Fresh/Whole Foods/Instacart is my new best friend, sorry Brad. Since Brad and I have been taking #stayhome mandate seriously these grocery food delivery services have been a life saver for me. I am indebted to the shoppers that are helping us #stayhealthy.


I chat with my shoppers to make sure they know I appreciate them shopping for me and to thank them.

This week I had Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods deliver Monday and Instacart for Publix and Costco on Tuesday. What can I say?

Some might say I have an addiction others might say I have been cooking non stop for 6 weeks trying not for a repeat.

Actually the first step is to admit you have a problem.....

3. Everything happens in 3 even during a quarantine.

The first week our microwave handle fell off. Brad taped the handle back on and told me not to use. What??? How would I open the microwave?

Then our garage door stopped working. This does not really matter though since we have no where to go. Another reason for Instacart. LOL

The remaining issue is that our stove burners don't get hot - UGH!. How am I going to cook all those vegetables I bought!! Amazon Prime to the rescue. I went online and got a burner and a griddle for BBQ. We are in good shape now and it's much cheaper than a whole new stove.

4. I MISS LIVE SPORTS. I never ever would have thought I would think that but I now realize how important live sports are a lot of people's everyday lives.

I must admit though that generally speaking, I don't love sports but I do love Brad.

So this is what I have learned from our current situation of no live sports. My supposed addiction to Instacart is very similar to Brad's love (addiction) of sports. Thus, I am definitely more sympathetic and empathetic to his/our "situation".

For those that are new to my blog, Brad went to University of Texas. He has been reliving the incredible 2005 Longhorn football season culminating in their win of 2006 Rose Bowl. This game get replayed on a daily basis (he thinks I don't listen to him!)

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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