For those who haven't guessed I am the Over Sharer. Thus the blog, Empty Nesters Finally. Brad might tell you that over sharing is not a recent change to my behavior. I disagree.

When I first started writing Empty Nesters Finally, Brad thought I was having a mid life crisis. My reply was , "You should be so lucky if this is my mid life crisis." Ha.

It's funny though I never would have defined myself as an Over Sharer. This term is so ironic to me since I always viewed myself as a very shy person. (A show of hands if you are surprised.)

But when I became empty nester, I thought that I needed to reinvent myself to stay relevant since Lane and Drew did not live at home anymore. How would we stay cool?? We would become extinct. Ugh!!

Of course, Brad thought I was being ridiculous. But, I showed him. I begin writing empty nesters finally and post crazy pics of him. Pay Back is Hell.

Using stream of consciousness (a narrative mode or method that attempts "to depict the multitudinous thoughts and feelings which pass through the mind" of a narrator) to write Empty Nesters Finally makes me happy.

By the way, who knew I was using a "technique" to write. Not me. A friend cued me in.

I am not naive to think I could do stand up comedy by any means but I do try to make you laugh and smile with Empty Nesters Finally.

So enjoy my over sharing and my stream of consciousness. There is a lot going on in my head, just ask Brad. One time I let him have a look.

Stay tuned for Part Two: The OVER CONSULTER. Heads up: It's Brad.

Happy Empty Nesting!

TAKE AWAY: It's not necessary to change anything about yourselves when you become an empty nester. At least not so fast .....

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