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When Brad and I became empty nesters we talked a lot (I talked Brad listened) about how we would enjoy this "empty nest" time in our lives. We wanted to have unbelievable experiences that we would be able to remember when we were "older". We wanted to create memories that would last our lifetime and then some.

We realized that for us, experiences were what we desired for this phase of our lives. I am not saying Brad is off the hook permanently from buying me a gift but for now he gets a break.

When Lane and Drew were younger and so were we. :), we always celebrated their birthdays with big parties and lots of gifts from family and friends. Lane and Drew's birthday was always a huge deal in our house.


Our birthdays not so much. Unless you are Brad and get 50 Days of Brad for your fiftieth.

empty nesters finally, 50th birthday party, friends

Heads up. There will be no 60 days of Brad this year. Been there done that.

We realize the importance of making "empty nester" memories with friends and family whether it's for birthdays or just because.

So when your birthday or a momentous event comes along it will be my pleasure to plan an "Empty Nesters Finally Experience". Just let me know you want to be a part of the ENF Movement. It is definitely a thing and will be fun.

I already have one birthday experience under my belt. My friend, Cheryl a/k/a @frostylicious, was very brave to let me try this ENF birthday experience with/on her. I signed us up for flower arranging class @Field_ofFlowers.

empty nesters finally, friends, flower arranging class

Guess who's this one was??? Hint: it's not my kitchen :)

empty nesters finally, flower centerpiece, roses

Just send an email to if you want an ENF Experience on for your special day.

The rest will be up to me. I promise not to disappoint. And If you live out of town, I will figure it out. Nothing will hold me back, except Brad.

Here's too many more experiences with family and friends .....

Happy Empty Nesting!

And if you want to be a new ENF friend for the experience- I am all in.

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