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Don't become addicted to your kids as cute as they are. And they really are adorable. Look Above.

They love you and then they leave you. Just kidding- sort of. It's not like the law of diminishing returns and definitely not like borrowing a car. Your children certainly don't lose their value as soon as you take them home from the hospital but ... they are really only on loan to you.

You must take impeccable care of them with all their basic needs, food, shelter and of course Walt Disney World . You spend time molding them, teaching them right from wrong and imparting your ethics and values but you have to know when it is time to "let them go" like the Jewish People's Exodus from Egypt (just make sure they have their jackets.)

One of our main jobs as parents is to get them ready for the next act of their lives, #adulting. Even if we are not even sure we are adulting right. It's truly a gamble for all involved.

This blog is not a a retrospective just an honest and realistic fact of a parent. Being a parent is an incredibly rewarding experience as well as a truly humbling one .

Your children make you a better person, more patient and more tolerant.

Ask Brad about the Pokemon movie he saw with Lane. Best nap he ever had.

We have children to hopefully enrich the world and our lives. Parenting might seem self serving and it is to some degree.

But when your kids are ready to fly the coop, you have to make sure they are ready (then you can do the empty nester dance!!)

I am not implying by any means that they are not still apart of your lives, because they are and you value any time they spend with you. But you must realize it's their time to shine. And boy do they shine. Now I am shedding a tear.

empty nesters finally children, dinner, dressed up

Happy Empty Nesting!!

We love you Lane, Sarah and Drew

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