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12 Things we miss since we became empty nesters

I am obviously addicted to lists so in no particular order:

1. I miss watching Pardon the Interruption (PTI) on ESPN and then getting quizzed at a later date about a sports statistic.

2. We miss having a house full of boys watching sports on TV. I am sure Brad misses this more since it's just the TVs and me now.

3. I miss having a reason to always have chips and salsa in the house. Also, cookies brownies, etc...

4. I miss having family dinners even if I never said anything .

5. I miss them cleaning the house and vacuuming the carpets. Oh wait, that never happened. This one was Brad's he said there had to be a funny one in.

6. I miss getting texts from them asking what's for dinner even if it is at 11:00 A.M.

7. Brad misses them "borrowing" his clothes, especially his fleeces.

8. It's hard to believe but we really do miss hearing them argue about anything and everything.

9. I miss hearing about their days even "It was fine" and nothing else.

10. We miss telling them about our days and discussing current events with them even if they are just humoring us.

11. I miss them rolling their eyes at me when I asked them if they want broccoli for dinner.

12. We miss saying "Good night. We love you" every night to Lane and Drew in person.

Now that I am crying...

But we still love getting that good morning text. It makes our day. We hope that never stops.

Even though I miss having a "full house" we are so proud of how they have grown up. I can't say that enough.

Happy Emtpy Nesting!

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