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Sorry to disappoint but I don't make Brad pose for pictures before he brushes his teeth (not every day at least ...) and we don't wake up telling jokes. Unless I remember a funny dream (it happens). I love the mornings and Brad is 50/50 on them until he has coffee.

So, it all goes down like this, I get up before Brad (I really do) and tip toe around so not to wake him up ( I really don't.) Most mornings, I remember something earth shattering that I must tell him immediately even before he has opened his eyes.

Once I discuss this pressing matter with him (usually no words come out of his mouth just some grunts), I vacate the room. I allow him to get the rest of his "beauty" sleep (you will see why) until I magically appear with coffee at 7:13 (his birthday, July 13).

You think I am being sweet (which I am) but I usually have an ulterior motive. Like I found a big lizard in the garage he needs to capture and release immediately even before he puts his glasses on.

By that time (first cup of coffee done), he is ready to talk about the pool or the garage or finances or whatever the "pressing matter" was, but I have usually solved that problem and on to another matter.

We then have more coffee. If Brad is really lucky he gets a juice too and then we read the paper (yes, we still get a newspaper) then go our separate ways.

That's it. That's how we do mornings in our nest

Unless its tax season or I have lots of "important" things to discuss that can't wait til later. Brad loves those mornings .......

How do you spend your mornings?

If you have a good juice email me. We try anything at least Brad does.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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