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I can't believe it is already January 12 and I have only blogged once. So much has happened in these 12 days, I don't even know where to begin. I guess January 1 is a great place.

Actually, January 2 was really when our new year got off to a great start. Lane and Sarah went on vacation and we got to watch Rio.

Brad relaxing Rio, outside, emptynestersfinally

Lane and Sarah might debate this but I think we got the better end of the trade.

Brad always makes a big deal about getting a morning kiss from me (awww) but for 5 days it was a morning kiss from Rio that got his day off to a great start. Should I be jealous of the other woman in his life???? No, she got his morning breath.

Second big thing: After much conversation (too much if you ask Brad) we got a Roomba. Most probably don't think this is a big deal but unless you are new to my blog you know I think (and talk) about every major purchase for some time before I do anything. Lane and Sarah got one for their wedding and then I visited my friends (Robyn/Mark and Cindy/Ed) in Atlanta and listened to Mark gush over the benefits of his Roomba. I still was not convinced though. I could not take the plunge (it costs much more than a broom.)

But then I got an email that it was on sale. And we all know I love a sale. I put it in my cart and then I had no choice.

Emptynesters with Dog, happy

The Roomba has changed my life (and Brad's- because no more conversations)

for the better but not anywhere as much as Rio made the beginning of 2018 great.

Happy EmptyNesting!!

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