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Everyone that loves to travel knows however exhilarating their journey is there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. Now you might wonder why I am starting at the end of our trip, but I guess what I have come to realize is that while Brad and I love visiting new places and having incredible experiences there is nothing like coming home to our nest.

We wanted this trip to be about seeing family and friends with a bit of "empty nester" time. We were so happy to see family that we hadn't seen in awhile and college friends that make you feel like you are in college all over again. For future reference, I loved college but Brad "really" loved college. More on that in a later post.

Lane, Sarah and Drew joined us for a bit and planned an incredible night at Famous Sammy's in New York . The shot of vodka I had there was my "risk" for the trip.

Knowing that they want to spend time with us (out of Cooper City) definitely makes empty nesting much easier. Traveling with our "adult" children is quite different then when the kids were younger and not because they enjoy going to museums more (haha).

Everyone is very good about indulging me in my favorite pastime - taking pictures but Vacation Brad is truly the best. He is a good sport and poses for many pictures (some really ridiculous - but those make the best blog pictures).

Ft. McHenry Emptynestersfinally warrior

This trip confirmed some things for me.

1. My adult kids are fun to be around and travel with (hope they are thinking same - if not...)

2. Brad loves to be in front of a camera and all over social media. I really should talk to his mom about this.

3. Most importantly, the more I travel the more I want to travel and am hoping Brad feels the same. If not , that's a discussion for another day.

I usually start planning my next trip while I am on the current trip. I know I am supposed to live in the moment (working on that) but there is something to be said about dreaming about the future.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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