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Heads Up: The title of this blog is not really indicative of the content (unless you are on Team Brad) but it is a great song by Elvis Presley.

I am listening to it as I write this blog, for inspiration even though I don't really need any more inspiration than Brad.. AWWW.

Even though Brad does say to me "a little less conversation" occasionally (can you believe this??!!), it is usually around 7:00 in the morning. So I will give him a pass because of the time of day. Full disclosure, I have been up for a half hour and have so much to tell/discuss with him. I have been patiently waiting for him to wake up and patience is not one of my better qualities. For the most part though, he is a good sport but that is mostly due to the fact that I have coffee for him in my hand.

In all the years of our marriage, Brad's go to excuse for not hearing me or replying to my questions was that there was background noise. He has always told me I must talk to him in the same room and look at him (BTW he does not read lips) while I speak if I wanted him to respond to my questions.

One time, we were in the car sitting no more that 2 feet away (I had a tape measure in car) from each other and he blamed the radio a/k/a background noise on why he did not hear me ask him a "very important" question. Well, guess what he blew it the other night.

We (I) was talking/discussing how I felt about something and then Seinfeld came on TV and I lost Brad. For the record, Brad and I have watched every Seinfeld episode no less than 3 times. But Brad became riveted, I even turned to see if maybe Seinfeld created a new episode, but lo and behold it was the Puffy Shirt one. I figured he was done with our conversation (background noise you know) so I left the room. About 5 seconds later, Brad says" You (me) can still talk, I can hear you even though I can't see you". I stopped in my tracks. He could hear me and respond to me while watching a TV show. What is going on?? I was utterly confused. I ran back in and his eyes were still glued to the TV but he was talking to me with Background noise (about 3 feet away from him- estimate no tape measure).

Background noise and Brad could coexist. My life was forever changed. He was no longer going to be able to use that excuse.

Happy Empty Nesting!

As a side note, I did have him go the ENT to check his hearing. It was perfect, of course, nothing wrong. The doctor did ask him if his wife sent him. Obviously, we never saw that doctor again.

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