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Sunday Nights in our Empty Nest (not so Empty Anymore)

According to Drew for the past 22 years (since he has been eating solid foods), he has never had a decent Sunday night meal. Is he kidding me? I think he has eaten too many Las Olas street hot dogs!! I have not asked Lane how he feels about Sunday night dinners in our house. Truth is I am nervous to hear what he says but I am going with he is getting married this week so not going to bother him.

Brad is easy so I got spoiled for Sunday night dinners. I love to cook but I also like my easy Sunday night dinners And in all honesty I never knew Drew felt that way .... I guess college taught him how to speak his mind.

So to insure that "all" was good in the Hacker house on Sundays and no one was stressed (me), I decided that we (Drew and I - Brad chose not to be involved) would decide on our week's meals on Sunday morning so everyone (Drew) would be happy.

In theory that should have solved our problem except it didn't. Everything was going along swimmingly till we hit Wednesday. We were planning on going out but Brad and I worked late in his office and we did not feel like it so we had eggs. Well you can all imagine how that went down with Drew. I am still having to defend the "eggs for dinner" decision. Especially since he claimed it messed up his breakfast Thursday morning. Who knew?

Of course, I told him he could get in his car and go out. But he had many answers to why that would not work for him. He did make the eggs for us (he is an excellent cook) but begrudgingly. In order for him to be happy he said we would have to watch 2 episodes of the tv show, House of Cards. Like that was a punishment for us. lol

Luckily, with Drew moving home for a bit, Sunday night dinners have been our only "discussion" (except it has apparently been an issue for Drew most of his life). No idea!

For the record, Brad and I were very happy with dinner Wednesday night and as Emptynesters, that's what matters.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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