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When Brad and I took our vows many moons ago we took the traditional route with our vows Since we have become empty nesters and definitely in the past year (since Lane and Sarah got engaged for sure). I have been thinking that Brad and I should have been more creative.

Since we have become empty nesters our roles have changed, so I thought it was time to revisit our vows again (no conversation is ever done in our house.) I thought (Brad says I do this too much - think??!) we could recite them to each other every year on our anniversary, it would become a tradition, like drinking our favorite wine on special occasions (which we don't do). And I love traditions but you can only imagine the obstacle (Brad) I would have to overcome to make this a reality.

Then Brad had a visit a couple years ago by a possum (more on that later) then a frog and a gecko and most recently a lizard. I wanted Brad to add "to love, honor, respect, and to catch and if necessary kill anything in our house that is not invited" to our vows.

Brad has a history of not necessarily believing me (can you believe) when I say I saw/heard a bug/creature in the house. One time I kept hearing something banging into the front door of course it was in the middle of the night and Brad heard nothing. Finally he got of bed and sure enough there was a frog underneath something by our front door. The frog was jumping trying to get out and I heard him.

It's a beautiful thing when I am right and I have physical proof. Unfortunately for me, I did not take a picture and/or video. I have since learned my lesson (unless technology intervenes- see below.)

Then there was a time when I was doing laundry and somehow a gecko got into our laundry room. I know - can you believe it?? "I" captured it with a laundry basket and towels (that obviously would have to be thrown out after) but I could not manage to get it out of the garage. My superhero came home and put on his cape (lol) and was able to get it outside without killing it and it only took 1 hour. I did take a video which you all would have loved but then my phone got "dropped" before I was able to save the video to the cloud. I will tell you whatever you can imagine it really was a million times funnier.

The main reason the vow discussion came up again though was Brad's recent battle with a lizard. I captured it with some cups and a trash can but as always Brad had to come in with his superhero cape to finish the job.

As you can see, he is very proud of his catch.

Just don't forget to ask Brad about him and the possum and how he had to jump a fence yelling "FFFFFF - a possum is in my backyard!! It was like watching a WWE match.

Unfortunately, he was not able to capture the possum and we had to pay Critter Control $500 to capture it -

So that is the story of why Brad now catches all animals in and around our house and I need to rewrite our vows!!

Happy Empty Nesting!!!

PS If anyone doubts that these incidents ever happened, we have friends that can validate us and some even saw the video of the gecko catch and release.

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