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When Brad and I became empty nesters nearly 5 years ago, I was super excited to be able to do whatever "it" was that we had been putting off for the past 22 years. So Brad and I travel quite a bit, eat better ( kale pasta - delish), exercise more and spend a lot (A LOT) of quality time together.

So I (we) decided that for the next year we would spruce up our house. But Brad and I don't really agree about our "priorities" for taking our house from one stage of our lives to another. I don't even think he understands at all what I have in mind. I have slowly been buying some things so he would not notice, which does not always work to my advantage.

Like when I decided to buy new towels and linens for our bathroom he did not notice for months until he saw a old towel of ours in Drew's bathroom (at least I am a recycler). Then the questions started, I managed to dodge most of them but then he asked about a bath mat. I said I did not buy a bath mat cause we did that a couple years ago but he said he wanted a new one!! He threw me a curveball. So I caught it and ran with it.

I had a great idea. I told some friends and they told me it was a great idea but a better blog idea. Since Lane and Sarah got engaged I have been in a wedding mode and it got me thinking ( who ever thought). Drum roll please....

Empty Nesters need a Registry like a bridal registry but much more.

Let me explain. Ever since I went with Sarah to register and saw all the incredible new gadgets and beautiful things out there, I wanted them. Now that is not normally my personality, I am a proud coupon card carrying woman. I am a subscriber to many many saving websites (like HIP2SAVE) and spend my Sundays cutting coupons (thankfully Sunday Sports occupy Brad).

But guess what many of the places Sarah and Lane registered at got my email address and they emailed me that they want me to register!! I thought it was a sign but Brad said it was a marketing ploy. Who cares though, I saw so many things that I needed or wanted .....

Being married for many years things get lost, broken or you just get tired of them. Most of the time though you just replace items piecemeal so nothing matches (I have 4 different color cereal bowls) and/or it is very very old. I realize that nothing I want or need is necessary but what if I created one and then no one would ever have to guess what I wanted for my birthday, holidays, anniversaries or just because they love me days :).

We all need new things once in a while but don't necessarily want to buy them for various reasons. So, if anyone likes this idea let me know. I will start a petition and contact companies. Brad will be so happy another project for me (just in time for tax season). Just imagine an Empty Nester Registry ....

Happy Empty Nesting.

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