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As an Empty Nester, I have learned how to quickly fill up a lot of free time I never thought I would have. It seems as though finding any free time when you have kids at home is a strange phenomenon.

As most parents realize after carpools, school activities, homework and the other million things to do that even taking a shower for more than 5 minutes seems like a fantasy. I remember one time when Lane was a baby, I did not have time to shower. I did not even have a chance to change out of pajamas all day so when Brad came home from work, I basically threw Lane at him when he walked in the door (I think I even managed to save a dirty diaper for Brad)!!

So I thought as an Empty Nester, I would be able to do all these huge projects I had been putting off. Ha!! If you can believe it I am busier than ever (hard for most to believe- even me.)

If you remember from previous blogs, I am a list maker. I have so many lists that I don’t even know where I put some of my lists. I even have lists of my lists!

I know Brad thinks I am nuts even though he is too nice to say it to my face. And deep down I am sure Brad enjoys my craziness cause when he sees a list he either hides it, throws them away or adds ridiculous things to the list. One time he had me go on a scavenger hunt to find my list. I gave up and went to have a glass of wine. :)

Brad thinks I might have lost sight of the big picture. He stated (acting as an accountant not my husband) I should make a list of goals for each day, month, and year and then work towards them. I was like “REALLY??!” Is he crazy? Like I have not done that a million times.

I know once I figure this whole Empty Nester thing out (not sure I ever will) I will tackle the oldest item (alphabetizing our VHS tapes - lol!) on the list.

Well since this Blog is done I can cross off #15 for today. Gotta go. A lot to do til I get to #25 which is sleep.

Happy Empty Nesting.


One of the nicest things about being an empty nester for Brad and I is that we are not on stringent timeline. We don’t have to wake up super early to make sure the boys get up and get out on time, supper time is flexible and our weekends are not based on what time and where the boys have to be at their ball games. Not that I did not love all that (I hope the boys see this) but there is something to be said for being on our time.

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