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When Brad and I were engaged, we were told that most married couples only talk on the average of ten minutes a day. We were both surprised and vowed that that would never be us. Then kids came, we both were working, and life happened. We got it.

Also, even though we had cell phones no one was texting yet (don't think texting was a word back then) and calls were like $1 a minute. We realized we were lucky if we got an uninterrupted minute when we were together to be able to talk about the important stuff (whatever that was at the time).

Since we have become Empty Nesters we have lots of time to talk about stuff but now that the boys are gone "what" not "when" was the issue. I was concerned we would have nothing to talk about. Of course, Brad thought I was being ridiculous (he thinks that if I am silent for more than 10 minutes - I must have strep throat.)

But we have all seen those couples at a restaurant that don't say a word to each other. I did not want that to be us. Brad does not see this as one of our "potential issues". Of course not, what guy would. HMMM .........

I decided to take matters into my own hands. I make sure to throw out tidbits of information in a conversation that surprises Brad so much he wants to talk about anything. For example, we were watching TV and a commercial came on. I thought it was a cute commercial and I mentioned that to Brad who then commented that he liked the background song. Surprisingly (even to myself), I knew the song playing and the group (Beth by KISS). He was blown away and let me hold the remote control. This was huge. I was on to something.

My next venture to wow Brad came when he was watching the Miami Heat play and I was reading. I decided to begin a conversation that had a lot of potential, much to Brad's dismay.

I mentioned to him that I was pleasantly surprised that Syracuse made it to the Final Four. Can you believe that comment made him pause the basketball game?!!! He looked at me and asked me if I had talked to the boys today about basketball. I had not. He then went on to ask me some questions about Syracuse. What? That's all I knew. I had no follow up!! UGH!! I needed to know more ??

Happy Empty Nesting!!

Here are some carrots from my garden for those that were concerned I was starving Brad of carrots .

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