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In honor of the New Year I decided to get rid of all the "stuff" I felt we did not need. I had procrastinated for a very long time with regards to writing this blog and could not figure out why. I loved to tell our story and all the amazing things that happen to us that help us continue to grow as an empty nester couple. Then the book "The Art of Tidying Up" came recommended to me and as I read it I thought "OMG" she somehow came into my mind and house and wrote a book for me. I took that as a sign and told Brad all about it and his reaction was total Brad. He said as he rolled his eyes," I love you and if this is what you want to do, I support you."

He obviously had no idea what this meant for him. I asked if he wanted to read the book and of course that guaranteed even more eye rolling. I explained to him that if something does not make me happy then I am getting rid of it. He then realized that I meant business and he even asked me that if he did not make me happy, would he get donated? I smiled and started the process.

My main rationale for doing this ( at least this was the reasoning I told Brad and myself) was so that it would rejuvenate me in writing this blog. I was having so much success in getting rid of"things" (who needs 1000 pencils!!) that it was giving me more confidence to continue and eventually blog. Now you are supposed to start with things that do not have a sentimental value like pencils and move on accordingly, doing pictures last. By the time I got to pictures I was a different person. I was getting rid of duplicate pictures of Brad and I, much to Brad's chagrin. But honestly how many pictures did I need of Brad eating breakfast.

I did hit one snag and it was totally my fault. I miscalculated how long it would take me to do this and Drew was coming home. I had bags and bags of clothing ready to donate, and to be honest some were Drew's clothes. I thought I had strategically planned the donation pick up but it backfired. They forgot to come pick up our stuff and I did not realize it when Drew went outside and saw the bags. Of course, he went through the bags and took out shirts he said he loved and always wore. Really!! I got into big trouble. Luckily, they came to pick up the bags before Brad got home so he still has no idea of what was donated or thrown out.

The whole process took about a month and as a result I am writing again. I am so excited to share what has happened since I last wrote (a long time ago).

Brad empty nester eating breakfast again
empty nester eating breakfast

Happy EmptyNesting.

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