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There are many many reasons I am a very lucky empty nester. There is one I can't decide if this make me a lucky empty nester or a crazy empty nester.

Brad wants to be involved in my “stuff” and know what is going on with me at all times . Ever since the boys left the house he has become my stalker in the house (notice his camouflage lululemon shorts)!!!

empty nesters finally camouflage, lululemons

We never had this problem before because if he could not see me then he would go bother the boys. Actually, it does not even make a difference if he can physically see me or not he will still call my name, start talking and get annoyed if I don’t answer him.

I tried to explain to him that if I can’t hear him then I can’t answer him, which only made matters worse. Now he follows me around the house talking and asking question (who knew he could do 2 things at once???).

I tried to explain to him that everyone needs their own space and privacy but he said he never needs space from me so he does not understand why I would need space from him

It has even got to the point that he ends up sneaking up on me and scaring me. I would jump and then he would laugh. I actually think it was a game for him.

I thought I put a stop to all that by telling him he needed to announce himself when he entered a room so that my heart could last another 110 years. Now he just goes around saying “Brad is entering the bedroom”, “Brad is entering the kitchen” and so on. UGH!!!

He really enjoys scaring and stalking me so no chance of it ever stopping and I would be really sad if it did. But please don’t tell Brad that.

Happy Empty Nesting!

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