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It’s a beautiful Football Sunday and I am watch the NFL on the TV, computer and the IPAD too. But, I am not complaining (surprise). I am actually very happy to be sitting next to Brad watching whatever he wants (surprise #2) . As empty nesters, we have learned different things about each other and this week I learned how Brad is an excellent caretaker (#bradthecaretaker) . He definitely rose to the occasion since I had a bad cold.

This week Brad had to play doctor, cook, maid, and errand-runner since I was not feeling well.

He offered to make dinner, but since he had not cooked anything in 24 years I was extremely hesitant. He asked me if I wanted chicken and then I asked him, if he had ever even bought chicken in the store or had even seen raw chicken. The answer was obviously "no", but since I was in no condition to question him any more, I went back to bed.

I had dreams of the first and only time he ever made me dinner. It was when we first got married and it was his turn to “cook”, he made an omelet that was ice cold by the time he brought it to the table (#bradthecook he is not). Mind you our first apartment was the size of a car.

He has learned well though. This time he brought chicken soup home for me from my favorite restaurant for dinner. He got an “A” for effort and the result was delicious.

empty nesters, brad the cook

As an errand boy, Brad needed to go to the drugstore for me. He “jumped” (I use that term loosely) at the chance to go for me. I sent him for my prescriptions and some essentials. When he came home, he had my prescriptions and some Raisin Bran. I hate raisins. This was obviously for him.

But in all seriousness, I am extremely thankful for my caretaker and all he did for me this week, he even watched two chick flicks!t I am only too glad to watch football this weekend.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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