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AIR FRYER. That's right an air fryer. I have the Gourmia Air Fryer that I bought @Costco. An air fryer can do so many "cooking" things (even bake a cake -I know.) Air fryers come in different sizes. I got this size by default since this is what they were selling at Costco (and it was on sale) and it is the perfect size for me (that's what she said.)

gourmia air fryer, empty nesters finally

Anyway, the air fryer has changed Empty Nesters Finally lives for the better. It cuts down on the cooking time of roasting vegetables ten fold. No oil needed (but you can use) thus an "air" fryer. Yes I said "No oil needed."

Also clean up is a breeze which is extremely important to empty nesters finally. That was the final selling point besides its other incredible features.

I can roast broccoli in 4-5 minutes. Yes, minutes and it comes out crispy, very crispy.

cut butternut squash, empty nesters finally

Tonight though, I am cooking butternut squash. I buy the already cut squash which is a huge time saver (another life hack!) It might cost a bit more but its so worth it. The extra money it cost will definitely be made up in less frustration and time.Which also means you can catch up on any Empty Nesters Finally blogs you might have missed. :)

I usually just put a little garlic, salt and pepper on it. What would take you anywhere from 30 -45 minuted in the oven takes mere minutes in air fryer (depends on how crispy you like.)

And it is done to perfection (at least that's what Brad says.)

Also you can reheat food and cook meat in there but I have not explored that yet. So stay tuned! Let me know if you buy an air fryer and cook a delicious recipe. Take a pic and send to me and I promise to make it too.

Check out below everything I can make in my air fryer!!

air fryer recipes, empty nesters finally


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