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ENF (EMPTY NESTERS FINALLY) TAKE AWAY: Maintain friendships. Show up for the good and the bad. Be authentic. They already know the real you so you can't really screw it up now.

Friends are so important to our social and mental well being. It's been documented, it's a fact. Trust me. I have done my research.

Before you get married your friends are your family. Case in point , "Friendsgiving".

But then you find that special someone and most of us become consumed with their "person". And unfortunately sometimes your friends take a back seat.

Not all the time (I would hate to generalize) but take me for example. I was one of the ones that was so devoted to "my special someone." Once I met Brad, most of my free time was spent with him. I still talked to my friends but unfortunately did not see them as much. It did not mean I did not care for them or think of them, things (Brad) just happened.

So then some of "us" had kids. Then seeing and talking to friends (out of town) became less doable. It just happens to most of us without us even realizing it.

This is an apology and a promise to do better to all of you.

University of Texas friends, empty nesters finally, wedding

Luckily our friends did not hold our non existent behavior against us (a little groveling and bribery might have been involved). They welcomed us back with open arms. Now that we have seen what we have missed we are going to spend the rest of our very long lives making it up to all.

Atlanta, empty nesters finally, Nova High School

My friends that did not know Brad well were more than happy to tell Brad stories of "younger" Karen.

college roomates, emptynesters, New York

And Brad's college friends could not wait to tell me stories of "The Fffffing Hack" (ask me about Brad, green gum and skiing). Actually, story is famous you can ask anyone.

I guess what I really want to say to all of our friends "in town" and "out of town". We are all in now. We will show up everywhere, even if there is no invite. And be careful if you do invite us thinking we won't show. Guess what? We will.

Unless Brad has a basketball playoff for his over 50 league then .......

We can't thank you enough for sticking by us.

We look forward to seeing everyone real soon.

Happy empty nesting!!

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