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Valentines Day is one of the hardest holidays whether you are single, newly married or an empty nester to celebrate. Some love Valentine's Day and others say the holiday is manufactured by Hallmark and Godiva chocolates. Empty Nesters Finally does not really care who created it, it is a on the calendar so it must be celebrated.

Here are some easy ways to make your Valentines Day better. It definitely makes ENF Valentine's day so much better.

FLOWERS HACK. If you are an Amazon Prime member you can get 2 dozen for $20 (plus 10% off this week). Brad had them delivered with coffee and ice cream to qualify for free 2 hour delivery. 3 of my favorite things. He gets lots of bonus points and he did not even leave the office.

In 2016 Brad got 2 bunches of flowers. When asked "Why?", he told me the second bouquet was a "just in case..." Was not sure that was allowable but figured we would both forget by the time he wanted to buy flowers again. LOL

CARD HACK. I have a mixed relationship with cards. Cards make people smile but then they get thrown away so soon so ....

Empty Nesters Finally has 2 hacks to buying cards. All cards should be bought at the Dollar Store. They have a great selection if you go early (like January 1 - 🙂)) and they only cost one dollar. Sometimes, if you get lucky you can get 2 for a dollar. Bonanza. You will definitely look like a big spender when you give 2 cards to whomever.

And if you are my father, he takes my mother to the card store and shows her the card he wants to give her. She reads it and then he puts it back. I don't endorse this one, but it is kind of funny and cute.

DINNER. This can be expensive if you let it. But you don't have too, trust us as Brad always says there is no money tree in our backyard. This year everyone is lucky, since Valentine's day is on a Friday and since ENF IS all about living your life better and easier, celebrate at Happy Hour. Food and Drinks are definitely less expensive and no one has to clean up.

Brad and I will be having a Valentine's Hacker Happy Hour so if want to join for free food and drinks email me. Brad said he will make guacamole!

Happy Empty Nesting!

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