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Don't sweat the small stuff. I am here to tell you though, sometimes its hard to distinguish the small things from the big things. In our empty nesters finally (ENF) world, everything is a "big thing" and its not always me (Karen) who makes mountains out of molehills.


empty nester Brad in his basketball gear

Brad loves (really loves) to pay basketball. He plays more than once a week and would play every day if he could.

One time he came home and wanted to go to the emergency room because he thought he broke his finger. Really?? I took him to CVS and bought him a finger brace.

Guess what -he survived!!

So you can see even though Brad perceives himself a short Lebron James, he is not immune to getting hurt. When I asked him about his eye (see below) he was so proud and told me I should have seen the other guy.

empty nester Brad with basketball injury

As empty nesters, Brad and I have realized the vows we took so many years ago mean even more today. When we were younger (much younger) we said traditional vows and never discussed them or what they would mean to us in the future.

As we age, we know we need to eat our kale and juice, so we can continue our lives as we want.

This is important for each other (In sickness and in health) and for the kids. This has become a priority for us for many many reasons but the main reason is for our children.

Maybe one day they will enjoy one of my green juices. :)

Striking a balance within our selves for our families means that we are busier than ever trying to make it all work.

What we have discovered is that "In sickness and in health" is not just about each other. It involves your significant other and everyone you both love. Who knew? Now we do.

Happy Empty Nesting!

I know everyone has been patiently waiting for my fridge redo so :

Not so bad. I give myself a "B"

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