Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The remaining four 2017 moments (in no particular order) for emptynestersfinally are ......cue the music!!

Empty Nester Brad eating Breakfast through 2017

4. #BREAKFASTWITHBRAD. There has been no shortage of me posting pictures of Brad eating breakfast this year everywhere we go. Breakfast is both of our favorite meal of the day for so many reasons but mostly because it involves coffee.

Not sure why but for some reason Brad always gets the best breakfast and he is a sharer!

Look for lots more photos of Brad eating breakfast and drinking coffee in 2018.

3. #SARAHCHOSETHERIGHTLANE Brad and I are over the moon now that Sarah is officially a Hacker. When your son gets married to his "soul mate" you

Lane and Sarah get married

realize life is pretty amazing and a special girl has been added to the family to help when it comes down to voting for dinners and vacations.

Brad did made me promise though not to bother them about grandkids for awhile but they surprised us ... They added Rio to our family. They probably think that will satisfy me for a bit. Maybe maybe not.

Brad with his best friend, Rio

2. #DINNERWITHDREW Drew got a job, graduated and moved home all in 2017. Family dinner time is back to being a big meal (fruit, protein, starch, bread, vegetable and dessert) every night. You have all seen the texts how important this meal is to the Hacker House.

In all honesty, we love Drew being home. Brad has a friend to watch the Texas Longhorns and the Florida Gators as well as the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins and I get to get beaten on a daily basis in backgammon. He does threaten to move out occasionally and we have started a GO FUND ME for him. If you are inclined to donate contact Drew. LOL



This year Brad and I accomplished so much, travelled and did some home renovations ( below is a "before picture" .. haha). We have created amazing memories and moments but along the way accumulated too much stuff (and I know we had a garage sale.)

So that is why next year we are becoming minimalists. Secret is out.

I am imagining the blogs I will be able to write. So excited and much more on that later.

Happy Empty Nesting and a Happy and Healthy 2018!!


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