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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

So with no current sports on TV ( @lanehacker was watching a 1990 Longhorn game) and the Summer Olympics being delayed a year. Empty Nesters Finally will be having their own Olympics, using social distancing of course.

Since we all can't participate together, I have a way for you to be a part and win prizes (Amazon gift card !!)

The first 3 people to answer any one of the questions in red- CORRECTLY- (email me PRIZE: Choose your very own game from the links below. Purchase whichever game you want and I will send you an Amazon Gift card for the purchase price. So you get the game FREE! You only have to answer one question.

Brad and I played bocce ball (my father-in-law loved). I never thought I would enjoy, but I do. Brad and I are an accepted social distance apart, so all is right in this horrible coronavirus world. The following is the game winning shot.

What ball is closest to the pill and whose is it?

There is a link below to buy your own bocce ball set. So much fun and worth every penny especially in these crazy days. And it could be free.

Brad and I are pretty competitive and as empty nesters we have definitely upped our game. We love to play backgammon and keep a tally. Here is "almost end" board to our latest game. Who do you think will win? White or Brown

Click on link below to purchase backgammon, if that is your game of choice.

SCRABBLE is another #emptynestersfinally favorite. We recently needed a new Scrabble game and we saw this one where the tiles lock in place. BOOM. Why didn't we think of that. It is a great idea. Of course Amazon had it. We obviously bought on Amazon and before we knew it we were playing with it. Brad made it happen.

If only he could make those socks walk to the hamper then he would be a magician. :)

Happy Empty Nesting!

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