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As the more adventurous one (some will disagree) of empty nesters finally, I realize how important it is to take risks and try new things at this stage in our lives. If we don't go out and take up new challenges, we might become stagnant and definitely not relevant.

I am always worried I will run out of things to say (more will disagree with this) and we will sit at dinner in silence. So I am determined to never let this happen.

This weekend, a very good friend took Brad and myself to goat yoga. Yes I said that correctly, Goat Yoga.

This was an incredible experience. You really have to try it. Can't say anything more except thank you to Cheryl and Jay Frost for this adventure.

I don't want anyone especially the dogs in our family to think goats have pushed them out of #1 in our hearts. We love you all the same especially the ones that don't go the bathroom on our yoga mats. :)

We love to play with our furry friends but if we are busy (not very much) we have great toys for them to occupy themselves til we come home. I have some links down below of some dog toys worth trying.

Thanks to all of you that read my blog and because of you (and me - and Brad) I have qualified to become an Amazon Affiliate. This means that from time to time I will have links from Amazon for items that pertain to my content and/or I have purchased and enjoyed myself. Thanks for all your support of Empty Nesters Finally as always.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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