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Drew Freshman year Dorm

Hard to imagine that Brad and I began our empty

nesters finally adventures 8 (off and on) years ago. Real Empty Nesting began 2 years ago. Time flies when you are having fun and we really are. First though we experienced all the stages of empty nesting till we got to our "happy place".

Hopefully this will help current empty nesters, soon-to- be empty nesters, and parents that think they will never have an empty nest. I promise it comes sooner

than you think.

Stage 1: QUESTIONING: How did this happen?? How did we get to be that age? Weren't empty nesters in their 80'?

Stage 2: EMOTIONS/ FEELINGS. We were sad and lonely but optimistic. I knew we could figure this out. We were smart and I knew there was no turning back unless we had more kids. Brad said a hard "NO".

Stage 3: REALIZATION. Ut oh. It's just the 2 of us. How did this happen? We asked ourselves (I asked Brad) what would we do with the rest of our lives? Do we have anything more to say to each other? Obviously, I was grasping. Of course, I could find things to discuss.

Stage 4: ACCEPTANCE. So it's just us. What do we do now? We decided to make the best of it and Empty Nesters Finally (ENF) was born. Our lives (most) are now an open book and you know the rest.

Brad and I have changed so much since we began this whole empty nesting thing. It has been mostly good but there have been definitely been some iffy moments.


Now Brad and I (a/k/a Empty Nesters Finally) are enjoying ourselves, but it took time.

If you are already an empty nester you know there is so much fun after you come to the realization that even though the kids don't live at home, they will always think of you as "home".

And if you have not gotten to the empty nester happy place, keep on "truckin" you will get there faster then you think.

And if empty nesting is not in the near future then enjoy every second of the kids being at your home and know they still have to live under your roof and rules. It goes fast. LOL

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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