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Long Long time ago in a city far far away (Atlanta).........

PART I: The story begins: 29 years and approximately 6 months ago (June 15, 1990) the day Lane is born, I realize that one day he will leave us and then what will I do, how will Brad and I cope without Lane (and soon Drew) at home?

Life unfolds, we have Drew and get super busy with Pokeman and Power Rangers (We sold in garage sale- ugh). But at that time empty nester was not even in our vocabulary.

Bam! All of a sudden Lane was in college and then Drew started college. Brad and I exchanged glances like how did this happen? What will we do now?

PART II : Seems like all of a sudden we are empty nesters and I need to find a productive way to deal with being proud, happy and melancholy all at the same time. So I start writing and writing. My first blog was September 14, 2012 (attached as a related post). They say success does not happen overnight and boy are they right.

Empty Nesters Finally finally takes shape and I evolve into writing about how Brad and I are coping and flourishing in our empty nest.

One of the biggest questions permanently hanging over our heads is should we move? Should we stay? Or as the song goes "Should I Stay or Should I Go"

So we painted the house (11/12/2017 blog), we got a Peleton, a sauna and even a Nespresso and this is where the "New York Times" comes in. Bet you never thought I would make the connection.

Then this happened .....

From "The New York Times":

Empty Nesters Finally (ENF) gets an email from Kaya Laterman, a journalist from the "New York Times". She was writing an article on empty nesters who decide to renovate their house after the kids leave rather than move. Ta Da!! This is where Empty Nesters Finally fits in.

The You Tube Video (see above) of Brad on the Peleton (unfortunately Brad was not used in TV commercial but if Peleton calls he will answer) goes viral and the "New York Times "comes a calling. The boys even got a shout out. The rest is history (well, it will be after you read the article.)

For those old school folks who need a hard copy it will be in the Sunday Morning Real Estate Section.

Just because we made it big (haha) by being mentioned in the "New York Times" does not mean my passion as an empty nesters blogger is done. It has only just begun (good name for a song.)

Well, It only took the boys being out of the house three (3) years for us to come to a decision. But we did. We have decided to renovate rather than move (this journey has been blogged about and will continue to be focus of many more entries).

We figured we should do some (actually a lot) of renovation because if we are going to stay we should enjoy and be happy. Why spend the money on others. Right?

I hope you look forward to 2020 being the year my readers come on ENF journey to make our house better suited for Brad and I. It will be so much fun and you don't have to pay a penny for anything, just Brad has to open his wallet. There will even be some raffles for my subscribers again.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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