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Now you might be curious to what that means but I (I mean we) finally decided on new paint colors for our house. Thank you Sherwin Williams for having way too many colors. It took me 4 months to decide on a color (Brad did not marry me for my fast decision making skills) and 3 days to paint house! JP Painting is the best. He is meticulous in his painting and cleaning up but most important, he is patient with me.

emptynestersfinally house color

We also painted the inside of our house grey. Cause we all know Grey (thank you Sherwin Williams again) is the "IT" color this year and Brad always needs to be with the "in crowd". LOL

Sprucing up our house was a need (we got cited from our association) but also a want. As emptynesters, we definitely needed sprucing up a bit. The house was just a beginning though. I have not even told Brad what I have in store for 2018. As long as I don't disconnect Direct TV, we should be good.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

If you live in South Florida please give JP Painting a call. Sarah and Lane used him and were happy as well as some of our friends. Also picking a paint color is hard for any room and Sherwin Williams does not make it easy. Don't hold it against me. It was Brad who could not make a decision.

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