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Let me explain. For the record empty nesters finally did not join a gang.

Generally, most want to be part of a group or have a tribe they belong to. When you get married, you bring your own posse to the marriage and hope the two shall mesh. Unfortunately, some friends might get lost in the mix but you might gain some. I did.

Then you have kids and you make a whole new set of friends who have kids the same age. You get to see their kids grow up, get married and have kids of their own. That's enough crazy but yet ...

Young Lane and Young Drew, empty nesters finally

Then you enter empty nester world. It's a whole new world. (Great name for a song. And the movie is ............ Aladdin.) Sometimes you need to make a whole new set of friends who are in the same empty nesters phase and sometimes friends join you on this journey.

empty  nesters finally, Brad with Rio the dog

Unless you have a dog (or babysit one) then that is a whole other set of friends. Dog Friends.

As I have said before, becoming an empty nester was not as easy transition as Brad and I thought. Once we finally adjusted though and realized the kids were never ever moving back home again we embraced everything good about being an ENF.

We loved being part of the empty nester hood and all the perks that come along with it.

Which is one of the most important reasons why Brad and I are staying put (at least for awhile). What would we be without our crew?

Possibly moving though gives us something to talk in case there is a lull in the conversation in the Hacker House. That's the joke of the day, according to Brad. LOL

Happy Empty Nesting!!

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