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Empty Nesters Finally got a new project, at least one of us did. We are going to color code our refrigerator. You all are probably saying WHATTTT? Apparently color coding your refrigerator is a thing and I want in.

On August 13, 2019 the way I viewed my refrigerator changed forever. I felt so inspired by an article I read by Ellen Byron in the WSJ, "Yes, You can Kondo Your Fridge, I just knew I had to blog about this phenomenon. People even instagram about it #refrigerator so it must be real. I had no idea about all of this. I was so naive. Now, I am all in.

empty nesters refrigerator

I am sure you have guessed which is our fridge. I obviously have a long way to go.

Having an organized refrigerator (which I thought I had) is supposed to make you eat and feel better about your food choices. Sounds incredible and very Zen. We all need more Zen in our life. Unfortunately, Brad thinks this project will make me anxious and as a result he will have to get involved. That is so not what he wants. Keep you posted.

If you are a loyal reader than you know I am a marketers dream or as Brad says I am very impressionable. All I need to hear/learn is "its" a "new" thing I will give it a try. We all know Brad is rolling his eyes now.

I am so excited to give #refrigerator a go. To give this project some accountability I documented the inside of my fridge as of August 17. See above.

No guarantee for the end result but I promise to do my best. We always told Lane and Drew as long as you try your best we will be proud of you. And I am hoping my best comes close to this.

Green color coded refrigerator empty nesters

If I had an all green fridge it would look amazing and just imagine all the healthy recipes I can cook for Brad or maybe Chef Brad will cook for me and you. More on that later.

As I write this I have already made a list and am headed to buy Mason Jars and new glass containers. I am so excited. We all know I love a project. In fact I told Brad I could do it all for under $50 (wish it was still Amazon prime day).

If you have a beautiful fridge, forward me a picture so I will have something to aspire too.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

GOAL: Color coded fridge by Tuesday, August 20. Wish me luck and #crossyourfingersforBrad

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