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Exercise has always been an important part of one empty nester finally's life. Guess who? But now both of our lives have been changed for the better.

We got @onePeloton bike (after much thought and discussion) for our anniversary in November. This joint gift was a no brainer (at least for me - Brad definitely needed some persuading.) I had to promise him I would clap for him when he finishes a ride..... Positive Reinforcement doesn't matter how old you are.

The Peloton bike is a total life hack and game changer. Because the bike is in our house there are #noexcuses for not showing up. I can't recommend it enough. (I am not getting paid anything....)

Most importantly though we use it . We love it so much we have convinced friends and family that it will change their lives forever too.

I can spin with or without weights, do yoga, meditate (if you ask Brad I don't sit in silence enough :). and so much more. They have all levels and durations of classes. If you only have time for a 15 minute class, they have it. Want to do a 60 minute class (not me) you can do it.

They have great instructors. All of them. Crazy but true. Brad loves @Allymisslove, he follows her on instagram and quotes her daily. I like them all and take variety of classes, I even did a Christmas music class last week.

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If you have a Peloton, enjoy. If not check it out and your life might change for the better, too.

Happy Empty Nesting!!

They recently came out with a Peloton treadmill too. I am interested, Brad not so much. I probably should wait til after tax season.

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