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The official definition of side hustle is that it is a way to make some extra cash that allows you flexibility to pursue what you're most interested in. It can also be your true passion – a chance to delve into fashion, travel or whatever it is you care about the most without quitting your day job.

A side hustle gets Brad and I to test drive (and get really good ) at our passion before we get paid for it (fingers crossed.) They say practice makes perfect which makes sense for the next act of our lives. Some people have been perfecting their side hustle for years and others days before they feel they can devote all their time and energy to it.

I asked Brad what his side hustle was and he thought about it for about approximately one second. He replied, " I love technology and helping people figure it all out." I want to combine my quest for the newest in tech with spending time with friends and family.

I might be biased (lol) but he is very knowledgeable and extremely patient. He does not currently charge friends and family for his expertise but is hoping to turn all his knowledge about APPLE products into a second career. He is dream job is be employed @Genius Bar in the Apple Store He would be so very happy and is diligently working on his side hustle (lots with me.)

My side hustle is this blog. It is truly my passion. It tells the story of my empty nesters life with Brad. And who doesn't know my story best if not me. I just hope someone eventually wants to pay me for supplying laughs on a non stop basis. :)

Some might have a side hustle and don't realize it. It's hard to commit enough time to develop their passion. Life gets in the way. But their side hustle truly makes their lives happier.

For instance, you might play an instrument in a band but all members have a day job so hard to get paying gigs. But one day your side hustle might be your main hustle and that would be awesome.

It's easy though to get a hobby confused with a side hustle. For example, Brad and I like to grow vegetables and eat what we grow (had roasted radishes last night - taste just like potatoes.) And as much as I say I would like to relocate to a farm, I know that will most likely will never happen. So gardening is a hobby of ours but not a side hustle no money exchanges hands nor ever will.

What's your side hustle?

So everyone lets all do the "hustle" the side hustle that is!!!

Happy Empty Nesting!

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