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We have lived in our house for 23 years and finally got living room furniture (that Brad and I both like!!). I would like to tell you it’s because Brad does not like to spend money but then that would not be the truth. He has 15 sweaters in his closet and we live in Florida! The living room and its lack of furniture has been a discussion for so many years I think we just assumed it would just stay empty.

I tried so many times to fill the space but for some reason nothing looked or felt right. Then, Brad came home one day to see me sitting on the floor reading and decided since I could not make up my mind he would take care of it. Within a week, I had a used pool table in the space!! He explained since I could not find the “right” stuff to fill the room, he would.

The pool table worked for a few years until a leg fell off and the felt needed replacing among other things. I was relieved to get rid of it but apprehensive to see how we would fill it. Well that feeling did not last long because the day after the pool table left Brad and Drew brought the ping pong table into the living room. I hated to admit it but it was fun to play and we did play a lot more since it was in the house. When Drew went to school though we did not play that much so I decided it really was time for us to be grown up empty nesters.

Now Brad is the type that if it is not broken then don’t change it so he was against getting rid of the ping pong table. He said the living room did not look empty anymore so wasn’t I happy?? Deep down though, I think that he thought that if the ping pong table stayed maybe Drew would come home more and stay longer.

Enough of the psychology I took in college. I needed furniture, so I got some that I really like and Brad is coming around too. In fact, I found him sitting there on Sunday.

Now if I can just get him to go along with new bedroom furniture.


Happy Empty Nesting.

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