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Simplisafe alarm, emptynestersfinally, Brad the installer

Brad has been pro-technology for many years now, me not so much. He always tells me to repeat, "Technology has enriched my life in so many ways" before I bang on the keys of my computer or hit my IPhone.

Technology has definitely made my life easier in many areas but that does not mean it has not made me pull hairs out of my head on a regular basis.

So it came as no surprise to me that Brad wanted me to get rid of our land line. But I was still mortified.

How would we have an alarm? Did he not care about my safety anymore?

He simply said "SimpliSafe." LOL . I had a million questions (surprised?) but did not ask one (really surprised??) I just figured he had done his research and knew what he was doing......

Guess what? He did. He was able to install the entire system himself, cameras and all (even with his eyes closed - check out picture). SimpliSafe connects with our cell phones and they pick up on first ring! No land line required.

Kudos to Brad, SimpliSafe and me (for giving them my email and number and not Brad's info to contact).

Happy Empty Nesting!!

PS It's even less costly than our old alarm monitoring system. We all know that makes Brad really happy.

Once again I was not paid any promotional fee for this blog. Hopefully one day soon. Putting that out in the universe.

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