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Empty Nesters (at least empty nesters finally) tend to discuss things (a lot). Most would think that after being married for a while, you would be able to read each other's mind. That might be true for some, but not for Brad and I. Brad is always telling me that I must be specific with all my wants, needs, etc. that he does not have ESP. I thought one of the benefits of being married so long should be not having not to spell everything out for each other. I definitely read that somewhere.

It's possible though he fell asleep during the Mind Reading Lecture in Empty Nesting 101.

I just assumed that him getting a sixth sense would be one of the benefits of it just being "us" at home and being empty nesters. He was supposed to know everything about me - right?

Boy, was I mistaken. Have I mentioned that I received a day calendar for our first anniversary. It's the thought that counts ......... but

Once again, the reason I have a file called Karen's Gifts.

Don't get me wrong, Brad knows 99% of the important things about me. And most importantly, he is willing to learn new things about "us" which counts so much. And I own the fact that there are certain things I get incorrect about his thoughts/wants. He is just much nicer than me and doesn't correct me (much.)

We know more than a fair amount about each other but, sometimes it just seems as though we are in the same house but in different time zones.

Some days we can be talking for an extended period of time till we realize we are talking about different but similar things. We are having a parallel conversation!

One time we were talking about about a future vacation and a way to celebrate Brad's 60th. It was crazy because we agreed about everything until it came time to discuss our mode of transportation. That should have been a big clue. Ugh!

empty nesters finally, modes of travel, vacation

We were going to have to start all over again -- and we all know Brad likes a little less conversation.......

How should we travel on our next vacation ? :)

Happy Empty Nesting.

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