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When Brad and I became empty nesters we experienced so many emotions as all empty nesters do. None of them included though the feeling of us not being "cool." Since Lane and Drew have grown up and moved out we realized we were losing touch with was "in" on television, music, restaurants, etc.. We were not trendy anymore. I realize some of you might question trendy anymore, but Brad and I always thought we were groovy. LOL

We realized we were becoming fuddy duddies. Full disclosure: Saturday nights we stay home and go to bed by 10 so Brad can make his 7:00 basketball game and I can make my 8:00 spin. Ugh!

We were "those" people, we swore we would never be. We took naps and wore socks with sandals (Brad not me.) We even started watching "Murder She Wrote".

We were not staying relevant and we were concerned our kids and potential grandkids would have nothing to communicate to us about. We needed to change and change fast or this would become permanent.

For example: This is us traveling. We could do an ad for "What not to Wear for Pictures on a trip"

It was time for Brad and I to take action. We wanted to make Lane, Sarah and Drew proud.

We started watching Impractical Jokers and Cash Cab. We watched the VMA'a and we even knew someone (@beccagenecov) that attended. We did not know all the songs or the singers. But when we saw Madonna doing the Aretha Franklin tribute. We were dope. We knew both of them and their songs.

So we (at least Brad) are trying our best to get out there. We are not sure what or where "there" is but we are going to be relevant. Again. And we are going to have lots of fun on our journey to be hip again.

Unless it requires us to be up later than midnight. :(

Happy Empty Nesting!

Also stay tuned for our Empty Nesters Finally You Tube Posting this week -- its a Rap. That is definitely gonna get us "there".

TAKE AWAY FOR ALL EMPTY NESTERS: Do not read the newspaper. All current and important info is on internet. Watch the Billboard Awards rather than the Oscars. Listen to podcasts not talk radio. And most importantly, Have fun no matter how old you are or think you are. :)

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