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I like Brad because ......... I love Brad despite .....

More often then I care to admit, if we have some time to chill, I decide to analyze our relationship. I think of it as way to gauge how much we have changed or matured over the years (its really not that bad, I promise.)

I am confident though Brad sees this as an opportunity to take up mountain climbing. And he is not a fan of anything that requires him to hang on a rope or go on a balcony - but he figures it is better than answering my questions.

Upon reflection of this past weekend and our lots of free time,. I chose the movie, "Set Them Up" on Netflix. I got to choose this very funny "chick" movie since Brad had chosen last ( a bad one.)

I was very excited. Brad not so much.

Brad did loved the fact that I chose a Netflix movie cause he had no out of pocket cost. Little did he know he would be "paying" for the movie all weekend and for many weekends to come.

So the line from the movie: I like .... because and I love ....... despite

captured my attention and I was very curious about how Brad would answer. I easily completed the sentence (see below). Of course when I said it was his turn to fill in the blanks, he froze and I am pretty sure I saw sweat dripping off his forehead.

I continued to complete the sentence all weekend waiting for Brad .....

I am still waiting. Pretty sure we won't be watching any movies for a while.

The whole video is on my youtube channel. Empty nesters finally. Enjoy.

Happy Empty Nesting!

**I like Brad because he likes to learn new things. I love Brad despite the fact he can remember a football game score from 25 years ago but can't remember which kitchen cabinet our plates are in. UGH!!!!

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